What is this service?

MC-oAuth is an all-in-one solution to allow people to login with their Minecraft account to a website without having to enter their username or password.

It's easy to use and secure, it will only allow people with a valid Minecraft account to login.

We always support the latest Minecraft versions the day they are released to ensure your site have no problems.

This service is free to use.

For Users

Websites that use our service will ask you for a 6 digit code, to get that code simply join our Minecraft server listed below, you will get kicked with a 6 digit code, simply enter that code on the website to login.


Our server IP is - Version 1.7.x through 1.20.x


Getting started with MC-oAuth is really simple, all you need to do is send one request to our API with a user token to get the users uuid and username

Tell people to join and enter the code given to them on your website. Please keep in mind that a token is only valid for 5 minutes.

API Docs

The MC-oAuth API version is v1, and the base URL is, all responses are in the JSON format.



This endpoint is used to obtain the IGN and UUID of a player via the provided code after he connects to the authentication server.

In case of success the provided code will be invalidated

Example CURL: curl

Success Response
   "success": true,
   "ign": "Esquilim",
   "uuid": "f41c80ac-acb3-4621-9ee1-26b763c0d83b"

Mc-oAuth was developed by Nuno Facha and is proudly sponsored and hosted by is not related, affiliated or endorsed by Minecraft, Mojang Studios or Microsoft